Power supplies

Peltier coolers are powered by direct current and can't be connected to the line voltage directly. Usually the voltage is 12VDC or 24VDC. We supply various power supplies that are suitable for use with our Peltier coolers.

  • High efficiency (>90%) resulting in low heat generation
  • Standard IP67
  • Compact format
  • Various mounting options (screw connection, DIN-rail)

Is the power supply you are looking for not listed? Please contact us.

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Power supply
150W/12VDC power supply
230VAC to 150W/12V power supply
24V/150W power supply
230VAC to 150W/24V power supply
240W/24VDC power supply
230VAC to 240W/24V power supply
320W/24VDC power supply
230VAC to 320W/24V power supply.

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